Sylvie Bélanger

Associate Professor

Program Head, Photography

Sylvie Bélanger was born few miles from Montréal, Canada in a city that has since disappeared. She has several university degrees and on receipt of herMFA from York University she has embraced a nomadic life, one that is continuously bringing her between countries and cities. Before joining UB, she taught at University of Windsor, Concordia, York and San Francisco Art Institute. Her media installations have been exhibited on three continents: North America, Europe, Asia and soon in Africa. Several catalogues on her art practice have been published and, reviews can be found in ArtForum, Art in America, ArtPress, Parachute, Canadian Art and others. Bélanger’s work is part of several collections of public arts institutions and foundations.

As an artist and a teacher, I have learned that an experimental attitude and an inquiring mind are the main things that stimulate one to acquire and develop the ever-changing technological knowledge needed to make art. In this context, photography and video are lens-based technologies that one opens the aperture on her/his vision to focus on its becoming. I will say that Art is largely social because it renews again and again, our fears, our desires, our hopes and anxieties, recording through itself our struggles as people who are acting at once in relationships to each other and living in a world that has its own relationships.


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